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Car is an online insurance that provides compensation if the vehicle suffers minor damage such as abrasions, dents, to total or severe damage. There are two types of car insurance, namely all risk (comprehensive) insurance which covers all types of damage to the car. There is also a total loss only (TLO) car insurance which only covers total damage costs.

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Types of Car Insurance in Indonesia

Types of car insurance consist of all risk (comprehensive) and Total Loss Only (TLO) car insurance. All risk car insurance covers all risks, while TLO car insurance only covers severe damage. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, both in terms of coverage and the amount of premium.

Therefore, you should adjust to the needs and type of car. For example, choosing KIA Car, Nissan CarInsurance, ACC Car Insurance, BCA Car Insurance, and others.

Talking about premiums, the cost of car insurance premiums is adjusted to the type chosen. Broadly speaking, the range starts from IDR 600 thousand per year or around IDR 50 thousand per month!

In order not to choose the wrong one, you need to know first the types of vehicle insurance that must be chosen. Because, the premium depends on the type of insurance and the condition of the car owned.

1. Example of an All Risk Car Insurance Policy The

benefit of all risk car insurance means the type of vehicle insurance that will accept all types of car damage claims, from minor damage to severe damage. All risk car insurance is good and suitable for those of you who have just bought a car so that when you experience a scratch you can immediately file a claim.

Because it bears all the damage, of course, the all risk car insurance premium will be much greater. For example, the premium for all risk insurance in the Jakarta area is 3.26 percent of the price of the car. The percentage of premiums is greater than the most expensive premium for TLO vehicle insurance, which is only 0.78 percent!

2. Example of a TLO Car Insurance Policy The TLO

benefit car insurance provides coverage or insurance costs only if the car is lost due to theft or damage occurs with a repair value equal to or more than 75 percent of the car’s price at that time. This means that the car must be completely damaged or unusable, then you can file a claim. So, if the car is only one centimeter scuffed, don’t expect the claim to be approved.

Because you can only file a claim when the vehicle is badly damaged, the premium amount is certainly lighter than the all risk car insurance premium. In fact, the amount can be three times smaller than the all risk car insurance premium. The minimum premium for the Jakarta area is 0.44 percent of the car price.

3. Joint Car Insurance

There is also a combined type of vehicle insurance, between all risk and TLO, but it can only be obtained on a car loan. The way it works is that in the first year the car will be covered all risk, then in the following year only TLO car insurance.

4. Expansion Car Insurance (Rider)

Of the three types of car insurance above, you can still add a vehicle insurance expansion guarantee. Expansion guarantees are additional benefits other than coverage due to accident or loss. Expansion guarantee with additional premiums:

  • Flood and hurricane
  • vehicle insurance expansion Guarantee Earthquake and tsunami
  • vehicle insurance expansion guarantee Civil riot or riot
  • vehicle insurance expansion Guarantee terrorism and sabotage
  • vehicle insurance expansion guarantee Third party legal liability (TPL) vehicle insurance expansion guarantee
  • Coverage of expansion of passenger personal accident vehicle insurance
  • Coverage of expansion of legal liability vehicle insurance for passengers

5. Collision Coverage Car Insurance

This is a vehicle insurance that is devoted to covering medical costs due to collisions caused by the driver. In addition, this vehicle insurance will also cover the cost of damage and compensation according to the price of the car the customer has.

6. Car Insurance Liability Insurance

This one car insurance is actually not much different from Collision Coverage. The difference is, Liability Insurance provides additional coverage in the form of medical bills or injuries suffered by vehicle insurance policy holders.

7. Personal Injury Protection

Car Insurance Personal Injury Protection Car Insurance provides protection guarantees for customers who have an accident against themselves while driving. Not only that, this type of car insurance also provides additional costs as compensation for accidents experienced by customers and passengers.

All Risk Car Insurance or TLO, What’s the Difference?

Simply put, all risk car insurance covers all types of damage, both minor and total damage. Meanwhile, TLO car insurance only covers total damage or car repair costs above 75 percent of the price of the car at that time.

Insurance for Old Cars, Can You?

For those of you who are old car owners or antique car collectors, you will also want to provide more vehicle insurance protection so that the car still has optimal and durable performance. Then can we apply for insurance for old cars?

Of course you can, but both old and used car insurance have different terms than new ones. For example, to be able to use all-risk used car insurance, the maximum age of the car is 10 years and some vehicle insurance companies will charge an additional fee for old cars.

Meanwhile, TLO car insurance coverage is the most suitable for old cars in general with a maximum age of 10-20 years. What do we gain from TLO insurance when we buy a pre-owned vehicle?

  • The price of TLO car insurance premiums is relatively cheap
  • . Compensation for the risk of loss is usually 10% lower than the selling price of the car.
  • Compensation for compensation for the risk of an accident with the addition of the expansion of the TJH guarantee, generally will also provide compensation for third parties who have suffered losses.
  • If there is an accident with damage above 75 percent or the damage is so severe that it cannot be repaired, the insurance company will provide full compensation

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